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Shami Kabab (kebab) recipe
Authentic Pakistani Shami Kabab recipeIngredients:  Shami Kababs Mutton/beef: 1 kgGram lentil: 1 cupGarlic: 2 whole bulbsGinger: 3 inch pieceCumin seed: 3 tspnWhole corriander: 3tspnCloves: 6Black pepper: 1 1/2 ...

mutton/lamb beef Kaleji (liver) recipe
Here is a special Eid al adha (eid al Azha or baqr/bakra eid) recipe! One of the best treats of Eid-ul-Adha is kaleji. It is usually served at ...

Hyderabadi Biryani (chicken) recipe
Hyderabadi Biryani is a popular variety of Biryani.There are 2 styles of preparing this variety. The Katchi Biryani is prepared with the Kachi yakhni method (with raw gravy). ...

Kata Kat (Taka Tak) recipe
Kata Kat recipe:Kata kat or taka tak is a traditional Pakistani recipe popular all around the world. You can find very best Kata kat in burns road, Karachi ...

Pakistani beef burger recipe
Spicy beef burger recipeThis is one of my most appreciated recipes, I even gave it to a fast food corner and its very popular over there: Ingredients:beef minced meat ...

Achar Gosht (mutton) recipe
Lamb/chicken Achar Gosht recipe:Ingredients: Achar Gosht (lamb pickle curry) Mutton/chicken (small pieces) 1 kg  Yogurt 1/2 kg Onion 2 (medium, sliced) Tomato 4 (medium, peeled) Ginger & Garlic Paste ...

Brain Masala (maghaz)
Brain Masala recipe (noted from Chef Zakir’s program) Ingredients: Brain Masala Brain (beef 1 or lamb 2)Tomatoes 2 (medium, peeled and chopped)Onion 1 (chopped)Green chilies 3Ginger, garlic paste 1 tbspFresh ...

Pakistani Haleem recipe
Mazedar Haleem recipe: Ingredients: Haleem  Chicken/beef boneless 1 kg Whole wheat 1 cup Onions 2 Gram pulse 1/2 cup Mung pulse 1/2 cup Fried onion 1 Red lentils ...

Bakre (lamb/goat) ke paye (Lamb trotters) – Authentic Pakistani recipe
Bakre (lamb/goat) ke paye (Lamb trotters) recipe:Below is a delicious recipe of lamb trotters (bakre ke paye) which I am cooking since many years at my home and ...

Mutton Yakhni Pulao (Pakistani Pilaf)
How to make Yakhni Pulao Below is the recipe of authentic mutton (or lamb) yakhni pulao (pilaf): Ingredients for yakhni (stock): Mutton/lamb 1 kg. Salt  1tsp. Garlic 1 ...