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Mamnoon Hussain  Dahi Bhalla دہی بھلے
Dahi Baray (bhallay) recipe:Mash Lentils dumplings in Yogurt is very delicious and specially divine dish during the summers. Mamnoon Hussain Dahi Bhalla You can prepare Dahi Bhalla for a ...

Kashmiri Chai (Tea) recipe
Authentic Kashmiri Noon Chai recipe: Good for 4 – 6 people Ingredients: Kashmiri Noon Chai Water 4 -6  cupsMilk 1 – 2 cupsSugar (optional) to tasteGreen cardamoms 4 ...

Doner Kebab at home
Doner Kebab are very popular in Europe specially in Muslims looking for Halal food and are mainly made by Turkish people that’s why they are called Turkish Doner ...

Cake rusk at home recipe
Pakistani Cake rusk recipe:Cake rusks are biscuits made from strips of baked cake and are baked again. They are very popular in Pakistan and we have them with ...

Afghani – Kabuli Pulao
Ingredients: Kabuli/Afghani Pulao Rice – 3 cups Beef/lamb/mutton – 1 kg, Cubed Onions – 2, large (chopped) Cumin seeds – 1 tsp Cloves – 1 tsp Black pepper ...

Pakistani Chicken Biryani recipe
An authentic and simple Pakistani chicken Biryani recipe, I hope you will like it. Ingredients:  chicken 1 kg oil 3 serving spoons rice 3/4 kg yogurt 3/4 kg tomatoes 3-4 ...

Peshawari Mutton or lamb Karahi (Pakistani Dumba Karahi) recipe
Peshawari (Namak Mandi) Mutton lamb Karahi Gosht Recipe Peshawari Mutton/lamb karahi gosht – the namak mandi way How to Make Peshawari Mutton Karahi or Karahi Gosht:Ingredients:Mutton – ½ ...

Moroccan Mechoui Recipe
Moroccan Mechoui Recipe – Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb or Shoulder:  Mechoui  Mechoui is traditionally prepared by roasting a whole lamb either on a spit over ...

Best Delhi Nihari recipe (old dilli Nihari recipe)
Authentic Beef Nihari recipe:Nihari is a popular Mughal food from eighteenth century. Word Nihari came from Arabic word Nahar which means morning, it is also pronounced as Nahari. ...

Mango Lassi recipe
Indian Mango Lassi recipe: Mango Lassi Mango lassi, an Indian drink made using Mango and yogurt. It is essentially a smoothie made with mango and yogurt. I always ...